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Improving Project Controls - How to Integrate Scope, Schedule, Budget and Risks

Integration is critical for more accurate Project Controls and an essential process for Earned Value Management.

Why Integrate the Scope, Schedule, Budget and Risks?

  • The three most fundamental project control questions are answered more accurately:
    • What is the monetary value of the work planned?
    • What is the monetary value of the work earned?
    • What are the actual costs for the work accomplished?

[The answers are available during each reporting period]

  • To test the realism of the performance measurement baseline/S-curve.
  • The code of accounts is established at the lowest level of the integrated WBS.
  • Enables the team to conduct more accurate integrated baseline reviews.
  • Enables the project’s integrated performance measurement baseline.
  • Assess progress, measure technical and cost performance more accurately.
  • Delivers more accurate cost/schedule performance indexes.
  • Successful solution for team members working in silos.


Page Count:

  • 34 pages


  • 8.5 x 11 inches (25.4 x 19.05 cm)

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The authors trust this book will enhance a satisfactory career for the reader who wishes to become a specialist in the field of project controls.