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Step-by-step online training video: Developing an Integrated Work Breakdown Structure (IWBS)

Step-By-Step Online Training Video

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How to Develop an IWBS (Integrated Work Breakdown Structure)

  • It is 1 of the 10 most important rules of EVM processes.
  • Enables Integration of the scope, schedule, budgets, and risks
    at control account level.
  • Enables easier identification of all the control accounts that will ensure the success of the project objectives.
  • Enables IBRs (Integrated Baseline Reviews).
  • Enables more accurate progress assessments, and performance measurements, as well as establishing the true status of the work/project.
  • Enables the team to answer the three fundamental Project Control questions at cut-off:
    • What is the monetary value of the work Planned?
    • What is the monetary value of the work Earned?
    • What are the Actual Costs for the work accomplished?