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One Integrated Work Breakdown Structure

for Improved Project Controls

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How to Integrate the Scope, Schedule, Budget and Risks into One Integrated Work Breakdown Structure (IWBS).

Most projects worldwide continue to be exposed to unexpected and sometimes inexplicable cost and schedule overruns. Project setup formats, where the scope, schedule, budgets and risks are integrated in a single Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), has been identified as the area where the most effective improvement can be made.
A correctly structured WBS appears to be an area of project controls that have not received the required attention it needed since the early 1900s. Less experienced team members may be under the impression that there is a software that fixes bad project controls or that the software automatically develops a correctly structured WBS. Until software specialists produce a software that can automatically and correctly prepare an Integrated Work Breakdown Structure (IWBS), we may have to continue to train staff to prepare an IWBS manually.
For now, it is critical for improved project controls, that a project’s start-up staff appreciate the importance that an agreed (or at least provisionally agreed) IWBS be established. For tracking costs and progress, it is essential that the integrated structure passes through the correct coding process.
This publication aims to provide guidelines to project teams for preparing project structures in a format that supports improved project controls more effectively.


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The authors trust this book will enhance a satisfactory career for the reader who wishes to become a specialist in the field of project controls.