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The 10 Most Important Rules that form the DNA of Integrated Project Controls

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  • Accredited by the Engineering Council of South Africa.
  • Accepted and implemented by Major Power Generation Companies and International Mining Houses.
  • SACPCMP accredited this methodology with 12 CPDs where it was successfully implemented.
  • Successfully tried, tested, and practically applied on simple and complex Capital Projects since 2006.
  • One of the finalists in the 2017 Accenture Innovation Awards.
  • 100% pass rate from an International Project Auditor.

Project Controls based on Earned Value Management Principles

training video


Detailed Audio-PowerPoint Presentation Slides (divided into 8 chapters) illustrate and place emphasis on "The 10 Most Important Rules that form the DNA of Project Controls."


Where has this methodology been successfully implemented?

  • 2015 - South Africa in the Government’s Country-wide Power Generation Departments (references available on request).

  • SACPCMP accredited this training material with 12 CPDs where it was successfully implemented.

  • Partnered with Major International Mining House’s Project Academy on the same Project Controls Methodology.

  • International Project Auditors evaluated the Methodology on a Mining Project and gave it 100% (references available on request).

  • The Methodology was a finalist at the Accenture Innovation Awards for 2017.

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Offer ends 15 Feb 2018