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  Simplified Project Controls


  Consulting and Support Services:

  • Consulting
  • Project Control Support Services (specialising in Project Controls, Planning & Cost Control).
  • Training - Accredited Training Workshops (20 CPDs) for all Project Staff.
  • Recruitment Services and Staff Placements.


Project Control Management Services:

  • Project Setup - Assist Project Teams in setting up the Employers' Integrated Work Breakdown Structure to enable.
  • Integration of the Scope, Schedule, Budgets, and EPC Risks.
  • Small or Major Capital Projects - assist Employers to establish all the Control Accounts that will ensure the success of the Project Objectives.
  • Assist in setting up a Project's Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB).
  • Assist in establishing the Integrated Master Plan and Project Schedules.
  • Assist in aligning and integrating the Cost Estimate or Budgets with the Scope and Schedules.
  • Establishing and Verifying Project Progress, Performance (SPI & CPI) and the True Status of the Work.
  • Specializing in Project Controls based on Earned Value Management Principles.
  • Assist in Threshold Management.
  • Establish and Maintain Cost Performance Reports & Executive (Dashboard) Reporting.

  Simplified Project Controls


  Accredited Training


  Simplified Integrated Project Controls


  Earn 20 CPDs with Accredited Training Course Content



The time slots for this 22-hour or 3-day course are negotiable.

The price for this virtual course, when all training materials are provided electronically is R4,200 or $48.00 (all-inclusive).


The Training Course:

  • The purpose of this course is to upskill and improve candidates' ability to work more efficiently and to report schedule and cost information accurately in a project management environment. Candidates will understand Earned Value terminology, calculations, and the importance of communication in a project team.

  • The course material does not mandate any hardware or software. Candidates use MSOffice to practice course examples.

  • What the course cover

  • This accredited course consists of (190 PowerPoint slides) demonstrating the latest Best Practice Project Controls based on Earned Value Management (EVM) principles.

  • Topics include project setup, planning, scheduling, and cost control, complete with best practice tracking and control techniques.


  • The course content applies to small and large projects. A case study is conducted where Project Controls are applied to simple, small projects, major multi-discipline complex capital projects, as well as managing Project Controls on multiple small projects.

  • The course demonstrates typical examples of detailed and executive-level progress, performance and status reports.


  • This course is aligned with the Standards and Guidelines as described by PMBOK, PRINCE2, ECSA, SACPCMP, EVM EIA 748, CPM, AACEI, DCMA (USA).


Do I Qualify?

  • To assume learning to be in place, learners accessing this course will have demonstrated competence in computer literacy, numeracy, literacy, and communication at NQF Level 4, or equivalent (Matric - Grade 12).

  • Experience in Project Management and Controls or a Construction Site environment would be to the learner's advantage.


Do I Need to Study Before?

  • No, no pre-course study is required. However, it is expected that the candidate completes the homework after each class (virtual classes or classroom environment).


What is Included in this Training Course?

  • A virtual total 22-hour workshop, or a 3-day classroom workshop.

  • A classroom environment is negotiable during weekdays and weekends, from 08h30 to 21h00.

  • Two eBooks on the subject 

  • One Notebook (eBook)  - 190 PDF Slides

  • e-Card with all EVM formulas

  • Open Book Exam

  • Attendance – Exam Certification


Who Should Attend?

  • This course will benefit all delegates responsible or involved in delivering project objectives.


How will the Candidate be Tested?

  • Open book Exam.

  • Total 70%: 60% out of 70%, pass from the results of the case study by the candidate.

  • Total 30%: 25% out of 30%, pass for question from Multiple-Choice Questionnaire.


What is in it for the Attendee? After the Course, the Attendees understand:

  • How to set up an Integrated Work Breakdown Structure (IWBS).

  • How to establish Control Accounts (CAs).

  • How to develop an Integrated Master Plan (IMP).

  • How to establish an Integrated Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB).

  • How to interpret Schedule & Cost Performance (SPI & CPI).

  • How to assess progress, measure performance, and establish the true status of the work.

  • At agreed reporting cycles, the attendee will be able to provide answers to the three (3) fundamental project control questions:

    • What is the monetary value of the work PLANNED?

    • What is the monetary value of the work EARNED?

    • What is the ACTUAL Cost (SPENT) for the work accomplished?


Project Controls based on Earned Value Management (EVM) Principles was first accredited in:

  • 2009 by ECSA (Engineering Council of SA)

  • 2019 by SACPCMP - accredit the same Methodology with 20 CPDs.

Project Controls Simplified:




1. Simplified and improved Project Controls

2. An Early Warning system already at the 15% EV completion mark

3. Improved methodology

4. Earned Value Management

5. Improved and integrated communication tool (IWBS)

6. Improved Project & Portfolio Management

7. Integrated and improved project set-up

8. Project baselines are based on performance

9. More accurate project progress and status reporting

10. Improved Dashboards and Progress Reports

11. Integrated Baseline Reviews

12. Accredited Training Courses

13. Project Support and Guidance

  Simplified Project Controls




  Project Controls - Integrating Scope, Schedule, Budgets and EPC Risks 

  Simplified Project Controls



  Simplified Project Controls


  About Us

  • The Methodology was developed, and the first accreditation was awarded by ECSA in 2009.
  • The latest accreditation was by SACPCMP in 2019.
  • The Methodology is aligned with Standards and Guidelines of: PMI; PMBOK; PRINCE2; AACEI; CPM; DCMA USA Mil; SACPCMP; ECSA; EVM – ANSI EIA 748; GAPPS;
  • The Authors below, have between 12 and 45 years of experience in a Project Management environment.


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